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Y3DF's Busted "fanart"/Tribute to Kalevra's work.


Here are some screenshots I've made with tk17 game. I was wondering if this was worth enough to share it here, but why not after all. I know there are a lot of Brenda fans out there so this might interest some of you.

Click on the image of your choice to be redirected to the corresponding gallery (B or N keys to easily browse backward or forward). Enjoy.

imgbox Y3DF's Brenda pictures.

imgbox Mini comic : Busted 2 parody

imgbox Mini comic : "In the same bed"

If you want to download them directly, all galleries available here :

Fan arts of Brenda from Y3DF here -> <-



  • this is quite good work. you should so more :P

  • do you not have any videos of this through tk17

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    Very bad

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  • @Meetandfuckgamer - u can do betterz?

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    I don't have any video yet, I prefer starting with the beginning and maybe try videos later as it is way more difficult to do. Also I never said it was good, I just thought it might interest some people. It's totally ok if you find this bad.

    Fan arts of Brenda from Y3DF here -> <-

  • @Dredee these are so hot please make more! So good!

  • @Dredee amazing bro. Please plz make more! I loved the third one. The one thing I would change is that a lot of the pics it's just the same thing like her laying there, and him sitting there. It got good at the end with the shadows but I would like to see them really going at it. Like see their facial expressions and stuff. Great work here though looking forward to more.

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    Nice work man.. try to make some video I'm u r fan ;) 3rd one shadow work is owsom

  • This is amazing! please do more! with explicit scenes

  • Hiya its me from the TK17 forums :D It's actually very good attempts to replicate (I have a Bachelors in 3D animation). But the only problem is, its the same medium almost, copying 3D in 3D, and TK17's engine is still limited compared to POSER (think that's what he uses) so even at your best, you wont compete with his version.
    That being said, what you CAN do with your work, that I'm merely suggesting is do things you wanted Brenda to do, that Kalevra has not (yet) and offer up all the things that merit FanFiction in the first place. For example the 3 way we've all been waiting for, out of character Clothing, playing around with her personality, or simply some Girl on Girl action, anything that Kalevra doesn't have time to do outside of his Canon really.
    Keep it up, just having a great fondness for the character and being a true fan will take you farther than NOT.

  • The original comic was really interesting, thanks for sharing your work.

  • Thanks guys, don't expect too much though, I don't plan to do crazy scenes for now. I'll just go slow and share the content with you whenever I find it decent. I'm not a huge fan of quick, easy sex scenes though. Sorry :P

    You might wanna check the end of "In the same bed" again, I've changed the missionary scene. It's just a detail but the direction of the previous pose didn't make much sense, it looks much better now.

    Fan arts of Brenda from Y3DF here -> <-

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    Nice work man.. try to make some video I'm u r fan ;) love the shadow work

  • The models looks fantastic and I've love to see animations if you make them, but yeah the comics aren't too exciting for me. Brenda stays in the same position for sixty frames? Gotta work on your variations man, changing the camera angle doesn't change the scene. maybe add some dialogue or collab with someone to write some dialogue in there. But its a decent start.

  • @Dredee:not bad,keep up the good work.

  • Updated the end of "In the same bed" and changed the shadows a bit. Now it has a (happy ?) end, well at least there is an end.
    I know many frames have the same position, it was supposed to be 3 or 4 screenshots scene at first, I just extended it because it was fun. It wasn't supposed to be a "comic" in the first place, and it's not a professional work.

    imgbox Mini comic : "In the same bed"

    Also updated for the dl.

    Fan arts of Brenda from Y3DF here -> <-

  • @Dredee question, is the ending of the comic implying he, you know, in the mouth?

  • @onetime I don't know, we can't tell for sure because of the camera focusing on those lame ass shadows instead of the actual characters. Luke does seems happy afterward though.

    Fan arts of Brenda from Y3DF here -> <-

  • @Dredee I thought so. It looks to me like she was laying on the bed and he touches her ass, then he gets her from behind, then missionary and then she finishes him with a blowjob and right before he is about to finish he holds her head and she is so surprised and her arms flail around and he finishes in there. Then they both lay on the bed satisfied, but mostly the son. Nice work.

  • Why you don't put explicit scenes my friend ? @Dredee

  • Where can i find this game and what does it take to run it?

  • You can find it on google, but be warned, it's definitely not a casual friendly game, unless you want to play it "raw", without any mod, but it won't look as good then. It took me year or so before reaching this result, and in terms of hours... maybe about 30h of practice, but that's just me.

    Explicit scenes will come next if I ever do other scenes, it was easier and took less time to do it this way this first. Also for the sake of teasing.

    Fan arts of Brenda from Y3DF here -> <-

  • I got the game yesterday , it's fucking so goood!!

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    Alright, this time I don't have much in terms of content. I just wanted to do a specific pose from Busted 3 to test the new hair I got and ended up doing a little scene around it. But I've created a blog, I don't know if I'm going to keep on doing those or for how long, but at least now I can regroup everything in one place and it's just very convenient overall as well as more appealing. Please tell me if you have any display problem.

    Also, I came to notice some funny little things that, I think, most of us missed in the Busted 3 chapter, especially during the discussion scene in Luke's room :

    • I realized (after I had done the pose already) that Brenda changed her top in the middle of the chapter for absolutely no reason and for a much much more complicated one to reproduce in the game. Scumbag Brenda.

    • Her pendant suddenly disappears on several panels (most likely because of her big boobs provoking clipping of something).

    • Look out the window p73 : Did you know they had a pool ?? I hope they will use it one day.

    I wish I could do a real comic next time, inspired by the Busted chapters, but it seems more complicated and takes much more time/skill than what I thought. I'll still try though.

    The blog :

    Preview :


    Fan arts of Brenda from Y3DF here -> <-

  • exelent work man will you ilustrate some of my ideas?

  • @puber002 Thanks. You (or anyone) can send me ideas if you want to, I may use them in the future. But as it is not commissions, I can't promise anything. I have myself a ton of ideas, but ideas alone don't make a comic, unfortunately. A simple illustration or scene is much easier to do though, so why not.

    Fan arts of Brenda from Y3DF here -> <-

  • Not much, but I hope you'll like it. Happy new year!

    Blog updated :

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    Fan arts of Brenda from Y3DF here -> <-

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