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How to make 8muses better?

I am wondering again what 8muses is missing to become the best comic website out there.

For example the modifications made to the forums were a user idea, and I think they became much better now.

Any ideas how to make the site better and more popular?

Maybe also you know other popular sites where it would make sense for 8muses to advertise?

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  • Are u already advertising on g.e hentai?

  • Im not advertising anywhere right now

  • Then you could try advertising on g.e hentai, probably the best Site where you could do it

  • Cant find any "Contact" information. I dont think they accept direct advertisers.

  • I think theyre advertising at Ero Advertising and at JuicyAds so yeah.

  • First of all the site is one of the best i have seen, good layout, ads aren't intrusive, search is good. There isn't really anything I don't like.

    But in terms of improvements, maybe a way to make an account and save your favourite comics for easy access. For example, I am not a fan of the old y3df comics, so I hate having to scroll through them to find kelveras stuff.

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    A way to follow comics of certain artists or brands would be better, cause personally I only visit the site for jab, y3df, nlt, taboolicious and hentai, and it becomes a little irritating when you have to manually go through all the updates to find the latest updates for these few comics, especially when the internet connectivity is low. The overall layout of the site is pretty good, wouldn't want to change anything, at least not on the mobile version.

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  • @Bottle You can go to the comic page you want and sort by date. Example

    Does this work for you?

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  • Yes. Was it always there? I never noticed it. Thank you.

  • I agree advertising is important. The more people you get, the more content they share and the more content you have, the more people come here to read the stuff. It's a virtuous circle.

    Fan arts of Brenda from Y3DF here -> <-

  • You can more comics people would really enjoy watching and that would catch thier attention there alot of great comics but there are some people dont like to see:
    Like demons
    And monsters
    You need to have comics people love to read and will always come back to look for more and also tell their friends this way you become more popular

  • @8muses You could add a Tags button to the sort option, and under that a few tags, not many, only a few popular ones, like for example, m/s, f/d, b/s, etc.

  • Could you make it so when were finished with one comic it goes on to the next issue instead of the beginning of the comic?

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  • Noted

  • You could add an option to zoom pics as %80 or %150 percent etc. beside "Image full size" and "Standart size" options. Same as in desktop reader applications like Comic book reader or Adobe Reader.

  • You can use the browser for that. Ctrl+scroll

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    Oh sorry, i forgot to try browser zoom in full size. Good to know that. Thanks. :)

  • M agree with @mor09 and @Bottle .. also if you could manage to get high resolution images of savita bhabhi comic series.. its currently in low resolution and doesn't look much good.. although all other comics have high resolution, and thats really good. But it would be good to read Savita bhabhi in high resolution.

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    @sexysam9873 Since Kirtu switched their comics into mobile compatible there is no higher resolution version of latest episodes. All pages are in 690x766 as default.

  • Okay.. if i have higher resolution pics. Where can i share them??

  • U can improve search adding tags to comic, or open comic to be tagged by users. Because the search isn’t to good, exemple: some time ago i found Gwen vs 4 arms, but now i cant find it. The advertising on site is good, please dont change it.

  • i would add more filters and category's for sure

  • Is it possible to change the seach in a way, for example, "partytime" will show results for "partytime" and "party time"?

    It is a minor issue but it just happened to me and I thought it may be helpful.

  • Noted, thanks

  • I was once a paid member but my card expired, and I can not find ANY link to change it or re-up or update card info....

  • lol what? 8muses is free and always was

  • maybe add dated to updates to avoid opening a comic I already saw thinking it was updated. can't think of anything else at the moment, your site is a gift to humanity! thank you!

  • Each time you thank a post the entire page refreshes. It would be cool if it did not refresh each time. Also when you click on a post by mistake and then you click the back button, it does not immediately go back. It waits until the entire page is loaded. Would be nice if you could fix that somehow.

  • Is it possible to have a feature where the site members are able to re-order comics if they are found to be out of order, pending final approval from @8muses.

  • Noted, thanks

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