The admin cant read every single message on the forum. Use the "Report" button to report problems with posts and comments.
DO NOT ask for invites on the forums or via PM! Share comics and in time someone will invite you.

Report AdBlocker problems

  • Make sure you have disabled all your AdBlock software. Including browser plugins and desktop applications.
  • In Firefox Incognito mode disable Tracking Protection. It works like an Adblocker
  • Opera has an integrated AdBlocker. Disable it. Same goes for other browsers that have same features.
  • In your hosts file make sure that following hostnames are NOT blocked. Delete them if they exist

If the following did not help then report the problem with the following information:

  • Explain what exactly is the problem. What are the steps?
  • Go here and copy the link that looks like ""
  • Open your browser's developer tools and take a screenshot of the Console and Network tabs. Make sure the window is large enough to show everything inside. Do this when you are on the homepage and you see the comics and not the AdBlock page.

Send all the above information to me via PM. Otherwise I cant help.

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