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  • Colin, fuck this milf please :D

  • I really really don't want to see "normal" Threesome between 3 "strangers" adults.... that is normal porn...

    Thanked by 1MrTomislav007
  • This could be one of the worst comics... I hope Brenda DON'T fuck him or... ugh, Kenny again, he's still mising after all, if Brenda found him... I hope not!

  • Adria Richy? Who's that women?

  • remember the chick blowing Jason caught by Jane. Then seen giving Jason' DAD a BJ in a car, then finally showed up as the chick that helped Jason' DAD fake his death and then show up to give Jasons DAD a BJ while he expained his own plan to get his live insurance to Jason.

    I hate Myself.

  • So nice to see Brenda again. I like that this conversation looks like it's almost over and we can move on to another "Later that night" scene. Soon Brenda will have to find out about Harold, which could slow her scenes down a bit. Hopefully her son can provide some "comfort" to her a bit hehe. I do wish this comic would just stay mother son, even if every update was Luke "tricking" Milf Brenda into fucking (we know she likes it) that would be a sexy and funny comic. Maybe we'll see another spin off called Busted 4 or something.

  • Adria Richy is a cipher, that is obtained by Andria and Richard

    Thanked by 2Dredee MrTomislav007
  • This better jump to a 'later that night' scene. I don't want to see any more of these 3 together. I can't see where the next sex scene is going to come from. Kelly and Luke are in the hospital with a dead Harold, Jason and Kirsten are locked away and we've just seen Jasmine and Jacob so I doubt we'll see them 2 again.
    Hopefully it jumps forward in time, maybe back at Brendas house. Hopefully they all meet back up at her house maybe even with Kenny turning up as well. That way we might actually see some action. Jane and Kenny or even Luke and Brenda.

  • What happened to Kenny?

  • He ran away, after cause Harold to fall and bang his head think it was his fault he bolted and has not been seen since.

  • I would really like if y3df bougth some comics from artist like Blackadder, Kalevra is amazing allways but the others guys....

  • Blackadder doesn't use dialogues in his arts. Y3DF recruiting him would only ruin his work with their shitty scripts and dialogues.

  • ^Except in The Hole, all his comics are artwork series.

  • no update?

  • Today... 35 pages...

    Thanked by 1Mizugetsu
  • What???????? 35 ???

  • Only 8 of those is sex, rest are all talking... Also, it's a Jasmine scene again... :neutral: ... Also, something was revealed, most won't be too happy it didn't happen....

  • @kial Shout out to you Kial, you always keep us updated on the pages being put out. Thanks man, was wondering when the update would be and you just got me excited

  • I was excited too when I saw how many pages there were....but almost all blabber and again Jasmine... I like her, but come on... Last 3 sex scenes were Brenda for 5 months... :neutral:

  • edited August 2017

    theres a chance Brenda is getting an animated Scene. (Yeah i know it's unlikely let me have this.)

    also @Kial feel like doing a quick hop over to the y3df forum and asking for the Head morph values for Kalevras G2F Brenda (i have the body) if you can get his HAIR asset too it'd help

  • Hi everyone! Can anyone give advice what story (not comix) and where i can read like Y3DF stories busted series?

  • @kial I know Brenda is so much better than all the others. I wish they would just do her and son over and over.

    @Mizugetsu that would be amazing

  • @rebel4224 go to main site and search there ,you can download 8muses application for mobile too just google it and if you want to read Busted series from start download picture Y3DF Timeline and see how story goes

    P.S. i cant upload picture of what i mean cause im on phone

    Best Regards

  • She needs more therapy in last story to stop fucking with family and now she fucks him??? Im starting to like Brenda more

  • same it's back and forth in her head.

    after quick one we had a MOM ready to and willing to get fuck anally by her son, now we have this Aunt nephew stuff and maybe a baby on the way bullshit.

  • And her daughter is pregnant with colin

  • .zip or .rar file please?

    Thanked by 1SunnySide
  • @naskari
    Page 20 or 21 replay

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