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  • elseka

    When you enter the sex comics I can not access my account
    I want to make an account on sex comics

    December 12
  • ironman2512

    Where should I post the comic link?Here?

    October 12
  • king2134

    if you want pepole to stop asking you for invite get rid of the stipid have to get a invite to have full acsest

    September 24
  • king2134

    Milftoon / Dixter's fap 4 +5
    Milftoon / Iron giant 1 +15
    Milftoon / Lemonade 5 +11
    Milftoon / Gumass +5
    Milftoon / Breeding milf
    JAB / Keeping it up with Joneses 3 +9
    JAB / JAB Con +2
    JAB / Wrong house 8 +6
    eBluberry Comics
    MelcorMancin / Sidney 2 +3
    MelcorMancin / Naughty in law 2
    Y3DF / One night stand +61
    Eden / Eden Issue 6
    Eden / Cow worker
    Eden / Gaia Priestess 3
    Eden / Twisted Minds
    ExpenssionFan / Days of Random
    ExpenssionFan / Distortions
    ExpenssionFan / E.T.I.T.S
    ExpenssionFan / Jizzella
    ExpenssionFan / Night Haven
    ExpenssionFan / Lanas Big Break
    eAdultComics / Adventures of Master Wu
    eAdultComics / Outlaw Angela
    eAdultComics / Stacy Repair Girl
    eAdultComics / Night Shift Patrol updated
    ArtofJaguar / Bangin Buddies 3 +3
    JohnPersons / A backdoor to heaven 1
    Cutepet / Fleet Save
    Cutepet / Ridin up 3-5
    Cutepet / Space bop
    Eurotica / Three Of A Kind
    Eurotica / Gullivera
    Eurotica / Little Ego
    Eurotica / Pinnocia
    Eurotica / Robinsonia
    Grow comics / Milk Farm
    Legio comics / Seth and

    September 24
  • Deenar602

    You know, if that is the case d´right now, you should probbably put that offline:

    September 15
  • KangarooHero72

    Say did you know there's something really wrong with your website? It keeps saying Bad Gateway every time it come to it.

    August 15
    • Deenar602
      Um than you should scan you computer nvia your anti virus programm. I had the same problem but then I let the anti virus programm run through my lap top and it worked again.
      I don't know what kind of anti virus programm you have but I know that it works with AVG but I don't know, if it is available in english too though.
    • Deenar602
      The gateway problem has nothing to do with the side you want to visit, just google the error number bad gateway and it tells you what to do.
      OK, I've looked it over but can't find anything with language change. So here's a tutorial on how to handle it:
      1. download it of course
      2. after it is installed get yourself the 30 day testversion (maybe use some translater
      because it's german)
      3. open AVG and go to the farest left one that says "Internet Security" and click on it
      4. then there should be a new side (if required get the 30 day testversion of that too) and then you have to click on a field in the down middle of that, it should say something like "COMPUTER SCANNEN", if it does so, then click on it
      5. let it run through your "Browser-Add-Ons" and click the OK button that appears where "Scan stoppen" has been (that should go fast) and it should check for "Viren und andere Malware" which translates to viruses and other malware (that takes some time) and after this is done click the OK button again an boom ready it is and 8muses should work again properly.

      Note: If it does not, repeat steps 4 to 5.

      Note: If you have an anti virus programm where you can do that stuff too, do it.
  • Turmsturm

    Hello 8muses, how can i delete my account? mfg Turmsturm

    July 21
    • mahdi14hashemih
      @8muses how can I share a comic for invite?
    • nibas
      Could i get an invite if I do tedious work for the site like tagging stuff and site maintenance?
  • azza2626
  • zorglub51

    Hello @8muses, my question is a little ingenuous, but how may I invite a good guest to become a member.
    This is my 1st trial and I feel really idiot.
    Thank You in advance.

    June 26
    • 8muses
      Go here and enter his email
  • saeraimut

    help.. can someone invite me?
    appreciate it tks!

    May 15
  • mahdi14hashemih

    How can I share a comic for invite??

    May 10
  • judhi

    help.. can someone invite me?
    appreciate it tks!

    May 6
  • schoeneattrition

    Dear all, as a newbie I would like to introduce myself. I have just started to create 3D stories, mainly /ss/ and monster porn/bestiality. Enclosed you'll find a link to a story called "Refugee Kid". Because of reasons pictures are partly censored and have a 720p res. I would really appreciate any kind of comment about the quality of the pictures and the story. I hope you enjoy it.!5vwnGJLS!TuDmv5IsbUaZ_w9fGtlNPNUahzX0T8IxRvycsFiTyE0

    April 21
    • schoeneattrition
      And here a link to the second chapter of my story.!8uJkGTJT!vejL3mFe0g6lJoy2LzzD3OvdFTsmoowa1cfSyyv22q0
  • boubacar

    sup homie hows life

    April 20
  • Norwayman

    I also think that your personal comic, the teacher one that is also in russian needs to be updated. I think that it is a great comic with lots of potential, and it is so sad that it hasn't been updated in a long. I have used your site for a long time, I just created this forum account recently to try and get a membership. I think that I might be able to contribute some ideas and would be a valued member. I would like you to consider my request. Thank you.

    April 11
  • Norwayman

    I was reading through your rules, and I got to the very last one. It confused me a little. The rule states that child pornography is forbidden, but milftoons and JAB are all completely based off of child pornography. I think you might need to tell the owners or update your rules

    April 11
  • tekopp

    can someone invite me? appreciate it thx!

    March 10
    • Chaosmock912
      hey guy did you even bother reading the rules
  • sissycrossy

    Im using my ipad mini 2 Safari browser and i cant view pages in full screen like i used to do !! Any way u can help me with that ?

    February 27
  • kuntweed

    what type of profile pic would violate the terms of service. i don't see the restrictions anywhere

    February 25
  • KangarooHero72
  • Kabeerkhan

    come on give a invitation of 8muses

    January 26
    READ THE RULES. Share content to get invites by other members

    October 2015
  • indigo25

    hi there. is there a way to search through the forum post for ket words and tags other then the popular tags shown at home page?

    December 2016
    • 8muses
      There is a search function in the top right of the website
  • Tales

    Non members can't see what is in the members section. We don't even know what we are missing
    Do you just put content up a week early? Something else? I would really like to know what I am missing.

    October 2016
    • 8muses
      read the rules, its all there
  • daymiongallo

    can someone invite me

    October 2016
  • daymiongallo
  • promic

    hey there i want to contact someone that made a video i believe that person have a facebook but no info anywhere can u help me here is the link of the video in question

    October 2016
  • Sedraxis

    Hey , I joined this site to share stuff I collected over the years, and also expand it from others. Is the stuff that's uploaded on the main site a useful guideline for what is not already uploaded, or should i check the forums to see what i have that you guys don't ? I have for instance a pretty sizeable collection of blackadder comics and there's no blackadder section ( at least one that i saw) on the main site. Can I go ahead and share those ?

    September 2016
  • Blablabla123

    How can I invite someone else?

    October 2015